Bizarro Blog of the Week Award = Joy of Death Festival

OK it is 100* and i am bored here in the AC, so i started going through my blog list. I went to this The Good Funeral Guide Awards post at The Life and Times of a Forever Witch blog, which led me to The Joy of Death Festival coming up in September in Bourmouth UK, which gets my Bizarro Blog of the week award.

Photo from The Joy of Death Festival blog

The site is pretty interesting, and Death is always an interesting subject of course with his more entertaining consort Sex. Actually i do believe in being proactive about such subjects, having seen probably 800-1000 dead bodies in my medical career, and hating the fk out of viewings, though i do not mind when they put them into the ground and everyone can stand around in the rain wearing black suits and sunglasses and looking all Mafioso and such, lol.

So from this site one can link to The Coffin Shop where one can buy cardboard to brass, and also to Final Fling planning. This link to a panoramic view of the Bournemouth cemetery is worth clicking on also.

No i am not being morbid, but rather got quite a giggle from these sites! Enjoy, and Bonne Mort pour vous!