Eye of the Devil – 1967 – with Sharon Tate

Eye of the Devil is a great old 1967 black and white film, well done, with lots of great British actors like David Niven, Donald Pleasense (who makes the spookiest Catholic priest i have ever seen), Deborah Karr (who covers miles running in high heels), and Sharon Tate (who is just plain sexy and intense in this film 2 years before her brutal death by the Manson cult). Rumor is she got her first degree in Alexandrian witchcraft.

As a High Priest myself i am going to be on the lookout for any “end game” sacrifices my coven may have in mind if the crops fail, lol.

The YT film is in 7 parts and runs a total of around 92 minutes. Enjoy.

Here is a short YT clip of the Sharon Tate highlights from the film set to the song I Put a Spell on You, followed by commentary from that clip.

This video is a tribute to Sharon Tate’s role as Odile De Caray in the movie “Eye of the Devil” costarring David Niven,Deborah Kerr & David Hemmings.
This was Sharon’s first movie & was released in 1967.
Here is a description of the film:

A fine cast distinguishes this unusual supernatural thriller. When London-based vintner Phillippe de Montfaucon (David Niven) receives the bad news that dry weather is expected to destroy crops in his vineyard in France for the third year in a row, he immediately leaves for his castle on the continent, Bellenac, instructing his wife Catherine (Deborah Kerr) to stay behind with their children. However, Catherine’s curiosity gets the better of her and she arrives at Bellenac to discover that the villagers who tend the grapes and watch the castle are members of a pagan cult, and that they believe the death of Marquis may be required for the future health of the crops. While pre-release editing left its narrative a bit fragmented, Eye of the Devil is certainly notable for its cast, which includes Donald Pleasance, Edward Mulhare, David Hemmings, and Sharon Tate. Kim Novak was originally cast as Catherine, but was forced to bow out midway through shooting due to an injury. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi
Enjoy!! :)
Song: I Put A Spell On You