Kobolds and Cobalt Glass

I was just finishing up Kenny Klein’s excellent book Through The Faerie Glass: A Look at the Realm of Unseen and Enchanted Beings

I was reading about the legends and magickes regarding the German Kobald gnomes and how they we worked with as house spirits. I find it interesting how they are connected with the element cobalt which is used to make that beautiful blue cobalt glass which i love.

Photo Copyright 2012 GLHoke

What’s even more interesting is how cobalt is connected with vitamin B-12 which is essential to many parts of a well working neurological system. I had such a deficiency having been a  vegetarian most of my life and had to take shots and now oral B-12 daily, and still wonder if that might have led to my Meige’s syndrome? So i will have to work with the Kobald and Cobalt to see what happens.

Here are some Kobald pics from the www, Enjoy!

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