The “Mother of All” Conspiracy Videos

OK i watched this today and i would consider this to be The Mother of All Conspiracy videos i have seen called Annunaki – Don’t Watch This Film. Yes there are some possible hidden facts in here, but this video has everything in it but the Pope as Antichrist from what i can see, lol.

What i like to do is pause such conspiracy videos and then research certain words and concepts to see where these come from. For instance – “monatomic gold” from the Latin means one atom gold, like pure gold. You can have monatomic Potassium, Argon, etc etc. Yes it is rare and precious, but all you have to do is purify gold to as near to 100% as possible and then line up the atoms in a single line instead of a clump. I bet humans can do that.

And No, there are no nuclear powered laser drills that blast a tunnel 7 miles a day, at least on this planet.

But Yes the NSA can track all communications around the planet.

Did we evolve from alien human DNA mixing, whether in the lab or the old fashioned way? Probably.

BTW i love the old 1950s-1970s graphics in here.


Now something that is interesting is if you follow these Wiki links to Gold and then to Group 11 Element and then to Diamagnectism then That is Interesting.