Five ‘Gravity Wells’ in Modern Occultism? – by Aaron Leitch

Here is an interesting article on the Five “Gravity Wells” in Modern Occultism from Ananael – Aaron Leitch’s Blog. I am quoting a little from it here:

Because this list of five “gravity wells” happens to touch on a couple of subjects near and dear to me, I felt I should weigh in with my own thoughts.  So, let’s begin by taking a look at the five issues:

1) The Holy Guardian Angel as a magickal prerequisite.

2) The Goetia as the be-all and end-all of goetia.

3) Wicca bashing.

4) Quantum Physics as “proof” of magick.

5) System Hubris – or “my system can beat up your system.”

You can click on the name or on this picture (which is not from his blog but a pic i found somewhere years ago) to link.