Sybil Leek Spirit Apparations and Shawnus Temple Ectoplasm

I know one can see almost anything in a photograph, almost like a Rorschach test. A friend and Sybil Leek expert was looking at this newspaper photo of her in trance with Hand Holzer and pointed out to me the spirit apparition face in the lower left corner of the photo.

Here is the lower left corner of the photo blown up, and damned it does look like a woman’s face to me.

So i was kidding with him saying O you can see anything in these old grainy photos, and shot back to him this picture from Sybil Leek’s obituary.

So look closely at the image in her cloak, cropped here, and damned does that not look like a white Sabbatic goat?

Here are my own photos taken about 8 years ago of what i would call post ritual ectoplasm. We had done a Coven of the Catta ritual ending with the cone of power and i was snapping some photos of the altars around the temple, not looking for floating bubbles or anything, and these ribbons of ectoplasm appeared in both photos in the center of the room. No there was not a piece of string in front of the camera lens. The cords, or which there are four, are three rotating one direction and the fourth rotating the other. They look like the silver braided cingulum in our lineage.

Copyright 2012 GLHoke

Copyright 2012 GLHoke

4 thoughts on “Sybil Leek Spirit Apparations and Shawnus Temple Ectoplasm

  1. I agree that you can probably see almost anyting in a picture if you want too (I recently saw a very funny picture on facebook of a dogs bottom that appeared to have a famous religious personage manifesting on it(!). Love the ectoplasm pictures though – they are very strange and mysterious!

    • Yea if i could just get a pic of Jesus in some mold on a wall i could charge admission, lol. But the ectoplasm ropes, which btw stayed in the center of the room (as i moved around taking pics, but did not stay in center of the shots like something on the lens) where the cone of power was raised, i cannot explain any other way.

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