“Tibetan Buddhist” Cults Run Amok – from Digital Tibetan Buddhist Altar Blog

This is a very revealing post on well documented “Tibetan Buddhist” style Cults, one of which i have had some personal experience with, namely Kunzang Palyul Choling now apparently called the New Palyul Lineage which is just a hundred miles down the Appalachians from here. At the Pure Lineage blog they go into great detail about that particular group. Back in the 90s a friend and i went to this beautiful temple and monastery a couple times. The people there were very nice and there were tens of thousands of dollars worth of huge crystals everywhere and the temple altars were magnificent and basically the place had a good spiritual feel to it. They had some very powerful relics of the Palyul lineage in their stupas and temple and I was able to receive the Palyul lineage Vajrakilaya empowerment there. But the two times we went down on a Sunday to receive teachings from Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, and one time we were told she was tired from her son’s birthday party the night before and the other time we were told she had a headache so we were just treated with video taped talks for our hundred mile drive, so i really have never met the lady or gotten teachings from her. Besides that i have nothing but praise for the Old Paylul Lineage and the teachers therein.

Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo

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    • Like i said, i have nothing against her since i never met her, and the center and its people seemed nice, but its interesting to read these post assessments especially since something smelled fishy to me.

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