Magickal Mystery Lamen

I was surfing yesterday and found this beautiful and mysterious lamen on a Tumbl website, which btw also has lots of other great images.

I googled around and around and found some information. My own first impression is that is looks like a cover from an occult novel printed maybe in the 1970s-1980s.

An early search said it is from an Anime story called Those Who Hunt Elves, which did have the inscription but a different sigil in the center.

The image in the center is obviously of a Solomonic type of circle for magicke with all the normal accoutrements around her.

The French inscription around it is:

Obeissez a vos superieurs et leur soyez soumis parce qu’ils y prennent garde.

Which translated is:

Obey your superiors and be subject because they are careful.

But where did this come from? I found it in the original French Histoire de la Magie by Eliphas Levi.

Here is the full French version of a paragraph in that book, and an English Translation:

Histoire de la Magie – par Eliphas Levi

La doctrine de ce grimoire est la même que celle de Simon et de la plupart des gnostiques : c’est le principe passif substitué au principe actif. La passion, par conséquent, préférée à la raison, le sensualisme déifié, la femme mise avant l’homme, tendance qui se retrouve dans tous les systèmes mystiques antichrétiens ; cette doctrine est exprimée par un pantacle placé en tête du livre. La lune isiaque occupe le centre ; autour du croissant sélénique, on voit trois triangles qui n’en font qu’un ; le triangle est surmonté d’une croix ansée à double croisillon ; autour du triangle qui est inscrit dans un cercle, et dans l’intervalle formé par les trois segments de cercle, on voit, d’un côté, le signe de l’esprit et le sceau kabbalistique de Salomon, de l’autre, le couteau magique et la lettre initiale du binaire, au-dessous une croix renversée formant la figure du lingam, et le nom de Dieu ?? également renversé ; autour du cercle, on lit ces mots tracés en forme de légende: Obéissez à vos supérieurs, et leur soyez soumis, parce qu’ils y prennent garde.
Ce pantacle, traduit en symbole ou profession de foi, est donc textuellement ce qui suit :
«La fatalité règne par les mathématiques et il n’y a pas d’autre Dieu que la nature.
»Les dogmes sont l’accessoire du pouvoir sacerdotal et s’imposent à la multitude pour justifier les sacrifices.
»L’initié est au-dessus de la religion dont il se sert, et il en dit absolument le contraire de ce qu’il en croit.
»L’obéissance ne se motive pas, elle s’impose ; les initiés sont faits pour commander et les profanes pour obéir.»
Ceux qui ont étudié les sciences occultes, savent que les anciens magiciens n’écrivaient jamais leur dogme et le formulaient uniquement par les caractères symboliques des pantacles.

History of Magic – by Eliphas Levi

The doctrine of this puzzle is the same as that of Simon and most of the Gnostics: it is the passive principle replaced the active ingredient. Passion, therefore, preferred to reason, sensualism deified, the woman put before man, a trend that is found in all mystical systems anti-Christian doctrine is expressed by a pentacle placed at the beginning of the book. Isis the moon occupies the center around the growing selenic, there are three triangles that make only one, the triangle is topped by a double cross ankh; around the triangle which is inscribed in a circle, and the gap formed by the three segments of a circle, you see, on one side, the sign of the spirit and the Kabbalistic seal of Solomon, on the other, the magic knife and the initial letter of the binary, below forming an inverted cross the figure of the lingam, and the name of God? also reversed; around the circle, we read these words written in the form of legend:
Obey your superiors, and be submissive, because they are careful.
The pentacle, or translated into a symbol of faith, is literally that:
“Fate reigns in mathematics and there is no other God than nature.
“The dogmas are the accessory of priestly power and impose themselves on the multitude to justify the sacrifices.
“The initiate is above religion which he uses, and he said absolutely the opposite of what he believes.
“Obedience does not motivate, it is necessary, initiates are made to order and lay in obedience.”
Those who have studied the occult, know that the ancient magicians do not write their dogma and formulated only by the symbolic characters of pantacles.


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  1. This actually was on the cover of an occult book from the 70’s , it was supposedly on Witchcraft but was actually a form of ceremonial magic that delt with evoking spirits into physical manifestation. I can’t remember the books name just now but I think the Authors first name was something like Luba or similar. If I can remember more I will let you know !

  2. The authors name was Luba Sevarg or a variation on that I believe , as I remember all the invocations / evocations were in Latin and it was more Geotic than anything else. I hope that helps.


    (Here you will find where the inscription originated.)

    The Grimoire of Honorius WAS Described by AE Waite as “Perhaps The Most frankly diabolical of the Rituals connected with Black Magic.” In Directly deals with the Most Hated and Feared of demons found Within Judeo-Christian traditions: such as Lucifer and Astaroth. In addition, WAS icts reputation built up by famed French occultist Eliphas Nineteenth Century Levi Have you Described it as horrible, wicked, and profane. Honorius amalgamates Elements from other grimoires: such as the Key of Solomon and the Grimorium Verum , with Catholic priestly ritual . The result is truly weird. I believe icts compile WAS Merely Trying to cash in on the notoriety of the authentic 13th century grimoire, The Sworn Book of Honorius .

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