Flagellum for Exu and Wand for Adonai

Last autumn i cut alot of saplings from the woods behind me, many with curls from vines around them. I let them dry all winter and am now carving instruments and alot of walking sticks, the latter to give away. One tree i have is called hornbeam or iron wood because of its strength (it was used to make axe handles) or muscle wood because its grey twisted bark looks like muscles. Believe me, this is one hard wood. I chipped with a hatchet and carved with a knife, then sanded them, then put on a layer of natural oak bark tannin i made, then painted them with sigils and finally coated with bee’s wax used to waterproof shoes.

Regarding the flagellum with chains – No i am not going to whip myself or anyone else with these. It is a symbolic instrument and a gift to Exu. I painted in red the Apo Pantos Kakodaimonons in German runes in a spiral on it.

Regarding the wand – In my coven, the Coven of the Catta, we have sigils in a style of German runes which most likely come from Dr Santee aka Merlin when he was initiated into a coven east of Berlin German just before WWII. Note the full sigils are not revealed here of course. I have a wand for witchcraft already, but made this longer one with the same sigils also painted red in a spiral for my Solomonic Thelemic magickes.

Adonai wand and Exu flagellum

Wand consecrated with ojas and dragon’s blood incense.

Photographs copyright 2012 GLHoke

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