Yes I am a Witch, and the High Priest of the Coven of the Catta

I recently had a surprising comment in this blog where the writer said I was not a witch. Perhaps it is because i post so much on Tibetan Buddhism, and YT videos and other subjects unrelated to Witchcraft. Normally i would not respond to such a question, and i know i do not post much here on Witchcraft but i still list this as a Witchcraft blog. Fact is this is a blog, not a Book of Shadows or a training and teaching forum for my practices and lineage, which in my lineage is a closed system only for those initiated in it, so No i am not posting much about Witchcraft here. As for the facts, which i stated in an early posting, I started training in the Craft in 1981 and received my third degree a few years later and ran the Coven of the Catta as Priest to various Priestesses, but primarily under Lady Phoebe until her passing, and now under Lady Alsace my High Priestess. Any further questions can be answered at my Coven’s website Coven of the Catta or from the booklets i have published at And yes, a Witch can be a Buddhist can be a Powwow can be a Hougon can be a Yogi can be a Shaman can be a guy who sits in the woods just listening and who likes jokes and world politics and YT videos. Bottom line – Yes i have been doing this for over 31 years now. And Yes we are both “out of the witches closet” as Witches for sure in our respective communities.

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