Blessings of the Relics of Sariputta

Sariputta (Pali) or Sariputra (Sanscrit) was one of the main disciples of the Buddha Gautama, having achieved enlightenment in the Buddha’s time and gone into his next life just before the Buddha’s Paranirvana. He was predicted by the Buddha to achieve Buddhahood in his next life.

Hie relics were buried with the relics of Maudgalyyana, another disciple of the Buddha, in a stupa on Sacha Hill where in 1981 the British unearthed the stupa and relics, the latter of which then took a tour around SE Asia, some of them being reinterrted in a stupa in Burma.

Now when a high disciple or Lama is cremated they find small round white crystalline (probably bone) relics, and the legend is these relics multiply over time. The late Charles O’Hara, from whom i received alot of my thanks and rupas, had a couple of the relics of Sariputra in his temple. One visit he brought them out and gave us a blessing of them, which was most deep and profound. Later he gave them to a temple down south of here. This is a blessing i will cherish all my life.

In this post are a couple pictures which, when clicked upon, will lead you to Wiki articles about Sariputta and his relics. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Blessings of the Relics of Sariputta

    • Charles O’Hara was a short skinny chain smoking hidden Buddha who lived in front of his shrine with a small TV sleeping on a simple mat. He once lived as a monk on a mountain full of caves in China which had been a sacred spot for meditation for millennium, even before Buddhism. When he died a troupe of Tibetan monks just happened to be traveling through and stopped and read the Bardo Thodol over him. How auspicious is that, and how blessed it is to receive the blessings of Sariputta through him. Mangalam.

  1. “He was predicted by the Buddha to achieve Buddhahood in his next life.”

    I think the above statement about Ven. Sariputta is inaccurate. He attained Arahant during Buddha’s time and the complete cessation of “Nibbana”. One who has attained Arahant will not never come back again and be reborn as a Buddha.

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